Stick/Mallet Bags - Funded!

John H Walker Middle School
Grade Level(s)
Teacher Name (Published)
Vincent Vicchiariello
Wish Area
Amount Requested
Wish Description

The students at John H. Walker Middle School work diligently daily to better themselves as musicians.  The stick/mallet bags will be used on a daily basis during Concert Band, Symphonic Band and Zero Period Band, in addition to performances for our concerts and festivals and during Percussion Ensemble rehearsals and performances.  The stick/mallet bags will hold and store our (hopefully) new and old mallets on our mallet instruments and be used in the transportation of our sticks/mallets.  With this wish, new stick/mallet bags will be put directly into the students' hands!

Stick/Mallet Bag


Wish Budget

Three (3) Liberty I Basic Stick Bag (02S) X $9.95 ea. = $29.85