Listen & Learn - FUNDED!

Grade Level(s)
Teacher Name (Published)
Margot Vreeland
Wish Area
Language Arts (English)
Amount Requested
Wish Description

I would love to add a listening center to my classroom repertoire!  The little ones love the thrill of  using the equipment and the interactive activities reinforce phonemic awareness associated with specific letters.  If nothing else, the center and activity program, provide another type of exposure for students to create meaningful connections to content.  I have included two Listen & Learn programs (phonemic awareness and that specific to letters).  I would prefer the letter program to start but in our continued effort to improve district reading levels I have added the additional program as well. 

Wish Budget

1. Listen & Learn Letter Phonemic Program - $199

2.  Listen & Learn Phonemic Awareness Program- $129

2. Listening Center Equipment- 8 station Junction Box- $29.99

4. 8 headphones -$129

5. Cd Player- trying to find for cheaper than sold on educational websites.