Applications for NEF Awards

The Nutley Educational Foundation (NEF) works to ensure continued educational excellence for Nutley Public Schools by providing assistance through NEF Grants for programs and equipment that will enrich the academic experience as well as the community. The Research & Development Committee screens every grant request diligently (NEF Grant Form provided below) to ensure that requests for funds are consistent with NEF, district and community objectives.

We also encourage collaboration across schools, grades, and departments. The new grant system encourages Nutley's faculty, administration and parents to apply for grants toward innovative and progressive programming, equipment and technology that take learning to the next level.

NEF offers one grant cycle each year. Proposals will be accepted yearlong and must be submitted by March 31st of each year to be considered for the current application window.  Notification will be made by June 30th. Awarded funds will be disbursed by September 1st.  Any proposals received after March 31st will be held for the next application window.

Eligibility and Guidelines

NEF Award Application Form